Blessed Halos - Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Treatment sessions and readings by

Rebekah Sharpe

Offering a variety of services:
Cranial Facial Massage, 
Gem and Crystal Energy Healing,
 Pendulum work,
 Aura and Chakra cleansing, 
Past Life Intuitive Readings
Tarot and Oracle Readings
Crystal Sales
1 on 1 Training
Priestess Ordination - Pagan, Druid, Avalon traditions, Earth Based Spirit training
Weddings and Handfastings

         Readings now available long distance online by skype or phone, or in person at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie or Wattle Tree Place in Vancouver, WA! 

Please find me on face book at to keep up with events, updates, the online school and the newest information in the Pacific North West area! 
You can also follow my personal adventures online at The Psychic Diaries!

There are several Faires, Festivals, Workshops, classes and events coming up in 2017...please visit the Events page for more information and to get registered as soon as possible!

What services are offered?

Cranial Facial Massage with Crystal Energy Work and Aura and Chakra Work

Cranial Facial Massage is offered and is a relatively new modality that uses crystals and facial massage to open up the crown chakra and third eye, heightening intuition and releasing the negativity associated with physical and emotional pain through upper body muscle, spinal and cranial manipulation. 

This can also help clear negative energy from your auric field and add protection over your life, as well as help you feel balanced and get you on the right track. 

Past Life Regression Intuitive Readings 

Past Life Readings can affect our future choices and the emotions, thoughts and feelings that influence those choices. Many don't realize how events in our past lives can be pivotal to the success of our experiences in this life. A compassionate, accurate, well communicated reading from a real person with the insight to understand and relate to your situation can help you realize what's been holding you back, and what steps can help you move forward. Past life experiences may be related to many common issues in your current lifetime:

-Physical Illness and Pain
-Aura and Chakra Blockages
-Intuition and Spiritual Sensitivity

Sometimes Mediumship is used during these readings, as there may be friends and relatives, guides, angels and loved ones that come through to give information that you may need to hear in order to understand the reading. Every now and again a tarot reading may be appropriate for the client. Each reading varies and is unique in it's own way. Everything spoken about is confidential in a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental environment. Readings are meant to give insight and be fun as well! Feel free to ask questions and get to know me, and together we'll come up with the right questions and the right solutions! 
These readings may be done via phone or skype!

How do we combine these treatments?

Many clients may find that having a past life reading will bring up issues surrounding current blockages, pain issues, emotional trauma, etc., that we can cleanse and treat very effectively with a crystal energy treatment and manipulation of the cranial facial areas.

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